Leading up to the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards in Singapore this Thursday, Dana Koh speaks to finalist Luz Rello, founder of Change Dyslexia on how artificial intelligence can screen and support dyslexia; how Change Dyslexia has reached 100,000 children across the globe; and how being able to sit back and observe before reacting is one of the most important business lessons to learn.

Can you share more about your growing up years and how that led you to this career path?

I have dyslexia myself, with a lot of effort I overcame it and when I started the user studies of my PhD in Computer Science I realised that my story did not ended years ago… There were still many children out there who were suffering unnecessarily. That is when I decided to do research with the goal of integrating the results in scalable tools for dyslexia: Screening and treatment.

How has this entrepreneurial journey taught you more about yourself?

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