Video games to help children with dyslexia, chips that allow testing drugs without using laboratory animals, intelligent sensors that detect volcanic eruptions and data analysis to improve e-commerce are technologies developed by four Spanish entrepreneurs. These experts in engineering and computer science stand out in a field clearly dominated by men.

Luz Rello: The linguist who became a businesswoman to fight dyslexia

This linguist and doctor in computer science works as a researcher at the Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania). In 2015, she founded the social company ChangeDyslexia in Barcelona. «My goal,» – she tells Sinc– «is to develop tools to help the detection and treatment of dyslexia, in cooperation with speech therapists, pediatric psychologists, educational psychologists and teachers.»

The desire of Luz Rello (Sigüenza, Guadalajara, 1984) to improve the lives of people with dyslexia –starting with early detection– has a personal origin, since she suffered this problem being a child.

 This entrepreneur, who lives between Pittsburgh and Spain, is not thrown back by challenges; quite the opposite. «I decided to study linguistics to challenge my problems with language, and investigate in dyslexia because I can contribute with my own experience,» she says.»The research we do at Carnegie Mellon University –she explains– is later integrated in applications that we license to ChangeDyslexia». The CEO says that until now her team has developed two applications. The first is called Dytective, a free test based on artificial intelligence, which takes 15 minutes to analyze more than 200 variables and reports whether there is a risk of dyslexia with 90% accuracy. «It has been validated scientifically with 10,000 individuals and is intended for families, professionals and schools,» she stresses.

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